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    Development History

    The company was established



    The company was established, mainly for Shaoxing Electric Power Bureau processing substation framework.


    The company began to produce 35kv-220kv transmission line towers

    The company began to produce 35kv-220kv transmission line towers to serve the whole Shaoxing city.

    In the second industrial extension



     In the second industrial extension, the company began to produce ACSR and passed ISO9001:2000


    In the third industrial extension

    Seizing the opportunity of rural power grid transformation, our products were expanded to power cable, overhead insulated cable and parallel bundle overhead insulated cable. The manufacturing of transmission line tower was upgraded to 500kv-750kv, and actively participated in key transmission line engineering projects in the province.

    The company has undertaken the first UHV



    The company has undertaken the first UHV project in China, and has entered the UHV market since then, and established a provincial high-tech enterprise Research and Development Center for UHV conductor products.


    Company passed ISO14001 and BS-OHSAS18001

    Company passed ISO14001:2004 and BS-OHSAS18001:2007.

    A new production base has been established



     A new production base of UHV 1000kV steel pipe tower (pole) is built in Anji, Zhejiang.


    Undertook the first international project

    Company undertook the first international project - Ethiopia GDHA 500kV power transmission project.

    The company established a power installation branch



    The new cable workshop has been built, and the power cable has been expanded to 20kV and below. In 2015, the company established a power installation branch, focusing on the construction of urban and rural power grids and power transmission and distribution. The company has won the titles of Excellent Innovative Enterprise Zhejiang Province.


    Undertook the power interconnection project in Tibet

    The company has undertaken the power interconnection project in Tibet and the first tower produced by us is known as "China Precision".

    Company has undertaken many UHV projects of the State Grid



    The company has undertaken many UHV projects of the State Grid, focusing on being more refined and stronger in the power industry.



    To build a PTD enterprise with the entire industry chain, serve Zhejiang, base China and go to the world.


    SEPE’S · products

    Steel Tower

    The company adopts the most advanced three-dimensional lofting technology with accurate structure. The anti-corrosion life is increased by more than one time by adding rare earth multi-element alloy in galvanizing. With the production capacity of 1100kV and below angle steel tower, 1000kV steel pipe tower, 220kV and below steel pipe pole, substation frame, iron accessories and other products, the tower production site is 64000 square meters, the galvanizing site is 12000 square meters, and the annual production of angle steel tower is 96000 tons. The company has participated in the State Grid's 1100 kV and below power transmission projects for many times.

    Steel Tube Tower

    The company has a steel pipe tower production base in Anji, Zhejiang Province, specializing in the production of 1000 kV high-voltage composite steel pipe tower, 220 kV and below transmission line steel pole and substation support, equipped with double machine linkage electro-hydraulic servo numerical control bending machine, automatic flame cutting machine, automatic welding device of pipe tower flange and other domestic advanced production equipment, using the latest steel tower process lofting software "multi-steel structure DME71" and the process of automatic CNC assembly line. The processing technology is in the lead in China, with professional personnel, and the production capacity reaches 50000 tons.


    The conductor for UHV transmission line engineering is our company's dominant product. The company has the production capacity of 10 ~ 1250 M2 overhead stranded wire. We started to develop the conductor for UHV transmission line engineering since 2007, and it was listed as a major science and technology special (priority theme) industrial project in Zhejiang Province in 2008. The project has developed LGJ-500/35, ACSR-720/50, JL/G2A-900/75, JL/G3A-900/40, JL/G2A-1000/80, JL/G3A-1000/45, JL1/G3A-1250/70-76/7 and JL1/G2A-1250/100-84/19. The company has "provincial high-tech R & D Center for UHV and special wire products", which is one of the few manufacturers that can produce aluminum alloy wire in China.


    The company has mastered the production technology of 35kV and below power cable, overhead cable, optical fiber composite bundle cable and control cable. It has domestic leading production equipment, and has built a medium voltage cable workshop and a low-voltage cable workshop. At present, the company's annual production capacity of various cables can reach 50000 km.

    Guide-Rail Type Fall Arrest Device


    Since 2009, after more than half a year's research and development, we have developed a guide rail type fall arrest device with high strength, simple installation, convenient operation, reliable locking and small impact force . The product is composed of tower guide rail, anti falling device, steering gear, connector, connecting rope and safety belt, which can effectively guarantee the personal safety of tower working at heights.

    After many trials, explorations and practical applications, the fall arrest device is reasonable in design, has its own characteristics and innovation, and has obtained seven patents. The product has also passed the new product technology appraisal of Zhejiang Electric Power Industry Bureau and has obtained the registration of scientific and technological achievements in Zhejiang Province. At present, it has been included in the bidding project of State Grid.




    We are specialized in 110kV and below transmission lines and distribution facilities and other power receiving projects, providing a full range of power equipment installation, commissioning and construction services.

    We have many years of industry experience and resource advantages, providing high and low power distribution equipment and power equipment installation. After the project started to operate, the performance was perfect, and the operation tracking service was done well, which was highly praised by the owner and the supervision unit.



    SEPE’S · news

    Leaders of the Standing Committee of Keqiao District People's Congress...

    On the first day after the new year's day in 2020, Zhu Xiaodong, Secretary of the Party group of the Standing Committee of the people's Congress...

    Shanghai University Science and technology service expert group to our...

    On October 31, on the last day of this golden autumn, Shaoxing Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. welcomed a group of special guests. Zhang chengfukai, ...

    Shaoxing Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. carries out the education ...

    On October 25, Shaoxing Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. carried out the education activity of "never forgetting the original intention and keepi...

    [good news] our company was awarded the title of "five star double str...

    On the morning of September 5, the promotion meeting of Party building at the grassroots level leading the grassroots governance and the establishment o...

    Special report on anti taiwan disaster relief

    This year's No. 9 typhoon "lichma" landed at 1:45 a.m. on August 10 in the southern town of Wenling, Taizhou. The maximum wind force near ...


    SEPE’S · Cases
    • 1000kV Zhangbei-Xiongan UHV Transmission Line

    • ±1100kV Changji-Guquan UHV DC Transmission Line

    • 1000kV Mengxi-South Tianjin UHV AC Transmission Line

    • 1000kV South Jindong-Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC Transmission Line

    • 1000kV West Beijing-Shijiazhuang UHV AC Transmission Line

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